Building Connections, LLC will provide your company a "construction pulse" related to your position, a valuable tool in this industry, along with making connections for you and your company and project opportunities.


As we all know in this industry, building restoration work must be done at some point. We will keep your company infront of our constantly growing network of property managers, engineers and other vendors. We make those connections for you. This will give you the chance to bid on the most projects in your area.

Each company in our portfolio should be a member of CAI and Ask the Seal, two vital organizations in Florida's construction industry. Building Connections, LLC serves at numerous CAI events and has proven success in connecting and maintaining relationships through this organization. Ask the Seal is the area's best business-certifying company.

We offer the following services:


-    Develop client relationships and build trust between those clients and your company.
-    Branding through visits, electronic correspondence, phone calls, and network events.
-    Distribution of company information and business cards to prospective customers.
-    Follow-up on leads and scheduling of initial appointments. Can attend if necessary.
-    Researching potential bid opportunities.
-    Follow-up on your personal list: Inactive Customers
-    Provide company-specific reports of your construction pulse
-    Interaction and cooperation with your employees for appointment setting and bid opportunities.



Cost of our service is very reasonable and affordable. Compensation is an annual fee to Building Connections, LLC to be paid in weekly or monthly installments. There is a 30-day cancellation clause for either party. Please contact us for specific billing questions.




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